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Tunahan Kent

October 19th, 2013

Price: $4.99

Category: Education

Released: Oct 19, 2013

Version: 1.0

Size: 41.2 MB

Language: English

Seller: Tunahan Kent

Rated 4+


iTraject by Tunahan Kent

iTraject Screenshots


Experience your own house flight to the Moon in 3D.

iTraject, is a trajectory simulation in Earth Moon Device which makes space flight EASY for everybody. This powerful educational application, thanks to its numerical solver, makes all roughly orbital maneuver imaginable. iTraject is in line with Newton's Second Regulation of Motion, Common Legislation of Gravity and Kepler's Laws of Planetary Movement.

-Begin your house flight any time between 1950-2050 years
-Get Dynamical Time,Julian Day and Julian Ephemeris Day which correspond to UTC time in simulation.
-Get the Epoch values which embody Precession, Nutation and Obliquity of the ecliptic angles.
-Use your own vicinity as a Floor Station and get Azimuth, Angular Elevation and Distance values of the automobile with respect to your area and Latitude, Sidereal Time and Altitude of your vicinity.
-Get Moon's real Position and Pace values in Geocentric Coordinates.
-Document your first 20 orbital maneuvers.
-Lend A Hand pages with references on hand for interested customers.
-Earth Moon Barycenter frame with mean ecliptic and equinox of J2000.0 is used as inertial frame.
-Dormand-Prince Way is used as a solver.
-Fast orbit prediction Aircraft guide with analytic answer.
-Position,Pace and Keplerian Elements of auto are displayed with recognize to the body which car is within the sphere of influence.

-Just press any of radio buttons in Position and Speed and time tabs and use rotatable button to increase or decrease values. When You press one in every of radio buttons again, simulation continues where you pressed the button in the first location.
-That You Can not regulate time and Position values after you make your first hearth. You wish to restart to adjust them.
-Should You press time button after simulation started, That You May proceed your simulation slowly with rotatable button.



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